Kings Court Chambers Unveils ‘New’ Website

Kings Court Chambers, a direct access chambers, has unveiled a new website with a host of new features and services available to current and potential clients.

13/05/2013 10:01 CET

The site has been modified for navigational purposes, making it more accessible and simplistic than ever before. Kings Court Chambers has also used the launch of the revamped site as a platform for promoting new areas of law in which the firm now specialises.

A Kings Court Chambers spokesperson said: “The site has been re-designed to make it more contemporary and versatile. We’ve maintained the professional image of the company, but also enhanced the site so that it appeals to the public. It has been formatted in such a way that the public can now easily locate the legal information they require from our service.”

As well as a series of design changes, much of the text featured on the site has also been altered in order to limit the amount of ‘legal jargon’ used, clarifying areas of law and clearly defining the services that Kings Court Chambers has to offer.

A Kings Court Chambers statement said: “Much of the feedback we received regarding our website made reference to the complexities of the ‘legal information’. We’ve responded to that feedback by modifying the content, making it informative and accessible without losing professional integrity.”

The site has also been made more personable, with the introduction of Barrister profiles featured on the homepage. This approach gives the public an insight into the professional credentials of our legal team and justifies the firm’s reputation for having a high success rate in terms of positive case outcomes.

Kings Court Chambers is a standout firm in that it holds privileged status as one of a minority of chambers able to offer the ‘direct access’ service. The direct access service means that the public can instruct a Barrister without having to seek guidance from a solicitor or lawyer.

The new, official website is now live at

About Kings Court Chambers

Kings Court Chambers specialise in public access work in UK and European immigration law, nationality and asylum law. Kings Court Chambers has Immigration Barristers who deal with all types of immigration cases.


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